38-square load-bearing flammable liquid tanker, the Black King Kong in the tanker industrySafe selectionAll the boards are provided by well-known domestic manufacturers, which are safe and reliable.safe craftAll the tanks are automatically welded with gas shielding and flaw detection. The welding
2022/12/05 10:57
Precautions for dangerous goods transport vehicles With the advent of winter, severe weather such as ice, snow, rain, fog, and frost gradually appears. In winter, the snowfall road is slippery and icy, which increases the driving risk of dangerous goods transport vehicles and is prone to skids and
2022/11/22 10:06
The total value of imports and exports has recorded year-on-year growth for eight consecutive quarters -- foreign trade is expected to maintain steady growthAccording to customs statistics, in the first half of this year, China's import and export value of goods trade was 19.8 trillion yuan, up 9.4
2022/11/16 15:37
"Dressed-up project" successfully cracked the special vehicle painting world problem!The industry's first use of "spray + powder" process of automatic coating lineThe "dressing project" of Shengrun Automobile set the first automatic coating line of "spraying + powder spraying" process in the
2022/11/16 15:27
Began in 1982 ● dual safety tank trailer• In 1982, the founder of the company, Yang Zunwen, resigned from the village factory and set up the first agricultural machinery and tools repair factory in Liangshan and engaged in the maintenance and welding of agricultural machinery and tools, which was
2022/11/16 11:45
Shandong Shengrun Automobile Co., Ltd. started in 1982, focusing on the design and manufacture of high-end and high-quality special-purpose vehicles, and is committed to providing customers with more reliable dual-safety tankers.Under the trend of the era of intelligence + manufacturing, Sunrise
2022/11/11 10:07
A tanker truck or tanker is a truck or trailer designed to hold bulk beverages or gases at the road. They are available in  bodily configurations:The tank is attached to the chassis of the truck or trailerThe tank is attached through ISO locks to a flat deck or skeletal trailer or truck and may be
2022/07/20 14:34
Shandong Shengrun Automobile Co., Ltd. successfully obtained A1, A2, C2, C3 pressure vessel design qualificationsFrom March 18th to 20th, 2017, the leaders of the Pressure Vessel Design Licensing Evaluation Team of the Chemical Equipment Association and the leaders of the County Quality Supervision
2022/03/18 16:03
In the development process of seeking change, Sunrise Auto's branding strategy has been constantly breaking through and surpassing. Since its establishment in 1982, Sunrise Auto has ignited a spark in the special-purpose vehicle industry. The scale has continued to expand, the market has continued
2022/02/11 14:53