What should you pay attention to when driving a semi-trailer in foggy days?In winter, the temperature is low, foggy weather occurs frequently, and visibility is reduced, which brings instability to drivers and can easily cause safety problems. Let me introduce to you the safety matters that you
2023/12/05 16:51
How to save fuel when driving a semi-trailerIn the face of high fuel prices, saving fuel means saving money. Currently, how to save fuel has become a hot topic among car owners. So how to save fuel when driving a semi-trailer? We have summarized the five factors that affect fuel consumption, let’s
2023/12/05 16:49
Nowadays, the application range of Cangzha transportation semi-trailers is getting wider and wider. How to choose a semi-trailer that meets their own needs has become the focus of many companies and individuals. When purchasing a Cangzha transport semi-trailer, you need to consider the following
2023/11/06 15:59
1. Strengthen R&D and innovation capabilities: The trailer industry continues to develop, and technology is constantly updated. Liangshan Trailer Factory should increase investment in research and development, cultivate technical talents, actively introduce advanced production equipment and
2023/10/18 17:12
A semi-trailer is a trailer with its axles placed behind the vehicle's center of gravity (when the vehicle is evenly loaded) and equipped with a hitch that transmits horizontal or vertical forces to the tractor. So the following semi-trailer manufacturer will briefly introduce to you the method of
2023/10/09 17:26
Dump semi-trailers are a necessity in important transportation industries such as the construction industry, real estate industry, machinery manufacturing industry, and home appliance industry, and occupy an extremely important position in the transportation economy. So what is the hydraulic
2023/10/08 16:24
Dump semi-trailers are commonly used transportation machinery and are suitable for transporting bulk cargoes such as coal, ore, and building materials. There are two ways to unload a dump semi-trailer, one is rear rollover and the other is side rollover. So what does a rear-turning dump semi-
2023/10/07 17:26
The warehouse-type semi-trailer is a common semi-trailer vehicle, an indispensable vehicle in shipping stations and express delivery companies. But many people don’t actually know it very well, so let’s introduce the Cangzha transportation semi-trailer to you.Cangzha transportation semi-trailers
2023/10/07 17:23
1. Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle.       After the vehicle has been running in the hot summer, the brake fluid and the lubricating grease in each lubricating part have been operated under high temperature for a long time, and their technical indicators have declined to varying
2023/09/28 16:56
Safe driving is the top priority in a truck's career. In order to prevent problems before they occur, the trailer should be routinely inspected every week or before each transportation. The more complete the inspection items, the better. You must also master the correct driving method, so that you
2023/09/27 16:59
I believe many car owners have experienced vehicle slippage. It is more likely to slip on rainy days and muddy ground, so what should you do if your semi-trailer slips?1. The trailer will slip. The reasons include: the ground is too slippery, causing some problems with the direct friction with the
2023/09/27 16:57
Cangzha transportation semi-trailer is a semi-trailer Giti tool that we often see in our daily life. It is also a necessary transportation vehicle in express companies and shipping stations. So do you know what the structural characteristics of the Cangzha transport semi-trailer are? Today I will
2023/09/26 16:51