How to save fuel when driving a semi-trailer

2023/12/05 16:49

How to save fuel when driving a semi-trailer

In the face of high fuel prices, saving fuel means saving money. Currently, how to save fuel has become a hot topic among car owners. So how to save fuel when driving a semi-trailer? We have summarized the five factors that affect fuel consumption, let’s take a look.

The factors that generally affect the fuel consumption of semi-trailers are as follows:

1. Tire pressure, road conditions, driving habits, speed, load, etc.;

2. Tire pressure, check tire pressure regularly, and always keep tire pressure within the standard range.

3. Every time you drive, use road conditions to plan your route, not just get out of the car. Sometimes, rather than being stuck in a long line of cars, it's better to take steps to avoid traffic jams and save fuel.

4. Driving habits: ① Do not apply the brakes excessively and drive at a moderate speed to save fuel. Try to avoid hitting the brakes frequently while driving. If you apply the brakes too much, it equals oil leakage.

② Try to avoid slamming the accelerator. According to research, the difference in fuel consumption at the same speed is about 112ml.

③ The windows cannot be opened at high speed, so the air conditioner is adjusted appropriately. Many car owners believe that turning off the air conditioner and opening the ventilation windows at high speeds can save fuel. In fact, the wind resistance of open windows uses more fuel than an air conditioning system.

5. When driving at a constant speed of 110km on the highway, the fuel economy on the highway can be improved.

6. In terms of load, in order to make a one-way trip bring greater profits, some car owners choose to overload, not to mention overloading fines, reduced vehicle reliability, increased risk factors and other factors; from the perspective of fuel consumption and tire wear, overloading is not necessary. It will definitely bring higher benefits to car owners.

Therefore, our car owners should pay attention to the above points when driving. Not only will you make your semi-trailer more fuel efficient, but the driving process will be easier and safer! I hope the above can help you all.