What should you pay attention to when driving in foggy weather?

2023/12/05 16:51

What should you pay attention to when driving a semi-trailer in foggy days?

In winter, the temperature is low, foggy weather occurs frequently, and visibility is reduced, which brings instability to drivers and can easily cause safety problems. Let me introduce to you the safety matters that you should pay attention to when driving in heavy foggy weather:

1. Driving at low speed. When driving in foggy weather, you must control the speed of the vehicle and keep it low. Due to low visibility, it is difficult to see pedestrians and vehicles in front. Driving at low speed can help the vehicle brake and stop immediately when encountering unexpected situations;

2. The use of lighting. When driving in foggy weather, pay attention to the use of lights. Remember to turn on the front and rear fog lights and emergency lights. If the vehicle does not have fog lights, turn on the low beam. Do not turn on the high beam. The high beam will be reflected by the fog and cannot be seen clearly. the way;

3. Use of brakes. When driving in foggy weather, you must be careful not to slam on the brakes. First, in foggy weather, it is generally slippery. If you slam on the brakes, you will lose control of the car and cause an accident. Secondly, in foggy weather, the visibility is low and slamming on the brakes will easily cause a rear-end collision with the car behind you. . If you want to brake, you can tentatively press the brakes to slow down the car. At the same time, you can also give a warning to the car behind you, so that you can avoid rear-end collisions and other accidents;

4. Control the distance between vehicles. It is very important to keep a certain distance between cars when driving in foggy weather. Don't follow other people's vehicles because you cannot see the road clearly in foggy weather. This is very dangerous. Be sure to keep the distance between the two vehicles to prevent the vehicle in front from braking suddenly. Sometimes it causes a rear-end collision;

5. Honk the whistle frequently. When driving in foggy weather, you should often blow your horn to warn vehicles and pedestrians. Especially when passing through a traffic intersection, honking the horn can prompt vehicles and pedestrians who are turning or going straight to get out of the way to prevent accidents;

6. Overtake cautiously. Due to low visibility in foggy days, vehicles will drive at low speeds. Don't be impatient at this time. If you see the car in front of you is too slow, be ready to overtake. When overtaking, you should blow the whistle first. If you hear a whistle or a faint sound in front of you, Be sure not to continue overtaking when the lights are on, overtake cautiously to avoid accidents;

7. Use of warm air. When the weather is cold, you will turn on the heater, and there is hot air in the car. This will cause fog to appear on the front windshield and affect your vision. Do not wipe it with your hands after the fog appears again. After wiping it in time, it will appear again. Continuous wiping will affect the safety of driving the vehicle. At this time, you can adjust the direction of the warm air to blow all the way to the glass in front, so that the fog on the glass will disappear.