How to clean a semi-trailer

2023/10/09 17:26

A semi-trailer is a trailer with its axles placed behind the vehicle's center of gravity (when the vehicle is evenly loaded) and equipped with a hitch that transmits horizontal or vertical forces to the tractor. So the following semi-trailer manufacturer will briefly introduce to you the method of cleaning the trailer.

Semi-trailer manufacturers tell you that water-wax car washing is common for car washing liquids, but what we pay more attention to is the care of the paint on the surface of the trailer. Since the water wax car washing process increases the amount and variety of wax, the car body will be brighter and glossier, and the car body will basically not be damaged.

Semi-trailer manufacturers tell everyone to stick the synthetic detergent solution used for cleaning on a rag and gently scrub the semi-trailer body. Wipe carefully with a cloth dampened with water, avoid direct sunlight, and dry in a well-ventilated area. Sprinkle detergent on the carpet and wipe dry with a cloth.

Semi-trailer manufacturers tell us that the scratch-preventing cleaning fluid contains cleansing cream ingredients and is also rich in water, especially the composition needed to eliminate static electricity. It should be noted that it uses scientific and technological achievements in other fields. The concept is to suspend sediment. liquid. Due to the use of sludge suspending agent and the need for sediment, with the help of natural conditions under external forces, it is truly possible to achieve scratch-free car washing.